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Refund Policy

1.) All deposits made to The Emerald Leaf Painting Company are fully refundable upon the decision of the client to cancel or postpone the scheduled 'work to be completed' prior to the start date as outlined in the 'Painting Contract' in the case that no 'Painting Contract' was created the start date shall be the verbally agreed upon date or as was outlined within the 'Acceptance Email'

2.) Satisfaction Guaranteed: Because painting is a subjective service, The Emerald Leaf Painting Company can not offer refunds once work has started. However, we do offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee (the “Satisfaction Guarantee”). This means we will continue to work to accommodate the client, including arranging for additional Painting Services to correct defective or deficient work, until you are 100% satisfied with the outcome. If your Painter did not satisfactorily complete the Painting Contract, you must let us know within 3 calendar days of completion of the Painting Services by contacting us at (954) 669- 2539 or via email at and we will fully remedy the cause of complaint – free of charge. Issues not reported within 3 calendar days will be corrected only at our discretion. In no event will any refunds or credits be provided once work has commenced and payment has been released to the The Emerald Leaf Painting Company.

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